I have just over a decade experience as a journalist, working both in-house for media outlets, and as a freelancer.

I now regularly write content for magazines, newspapers, digital media outlets, websites and blogs throughout Australia and beyond.

I have a list of reliable and expert sources all over the country on a range of topic areas which I can tap into to support articles.

I also write sponsored content, and have a track record for writing authentic, engaging articles that highlight the relevant brand, but that people will actually want to read.

My speciality areas include lifestyle, food and wine, property and real estate, architecture, travel, health, agriculture, fitness, sport and mental health.

I also create captivating content for brands, small businesses and agencies. I’m available to work on a freelance basis, whether it’s for a one-off project, or as part of an ongoing retainer.

I can also provide advice on angles and content marketing, source images, as well as brief and liaise directly with other creatives relevant to your project.

My services include: