Hi, I'm Jil

A Journalist, Copywriter, Storyteller and Content Marketer.
Get captivating content (that you don’t have to write)

Whether you don’t have time to write copy, get writer’s block the second you’re faced with a blank page, or would just rather get three simultaneous root canals (without anaesthetic) than write words, that’s where I come in.

More words does not equal better content

​​I write copy that cuts straight to the good stuff, hooks people in, and converts. It’s content that people will actually want to read, but will also please the algorithm gods when it needs to.

Say goodbye to Snoozetown, and hello to scintillating content

I work with you to lovingly extract exactly what you’re trying to say, and turn it into content that sounds just like you, only better.


Looking for words? You’re in the right place.

Words are how you inform, communicate, entertain, catch people’s attention, find customers, or do more of whatever it is you’re trying to do.

If you have good ones, they’ll drive leads, increase your reach, build your brand, or leave potential customers exclaiming, “where do I sign”? But use the wrong words (or ones littered with errors) and you could be sending those same people running to the hills.

Need some help? I’m an experienced journalist, copywriter and wordsmith, who writes content that will knock their socks off (even if they’re not wearing any). I’ve written for some of the biggest media outlets in Australia, and work with brands and businesses to bring their content to life.


about me

I’m Jil, I’m an experienced journalist, copywriter and content creator with a knack for finding a great story in anything. From more than a decade working in the media, I know what makes people tick, what makes people click, and what makes people read.


my work

My stories have been published in magazines, newspapers, digital media outlets, websites and blogs throughout Australia and beyond.


What my clients say

“Jil has always been a journalist that I’ve admired from around the media traps. Her name precedes her in Canberra and beyond, and her work is a testament to the care and dedication she puts into uncovering snippets and stories within the lifestyle, living, food and fashion realm that only a die-hards would know about, both in esteemed print mastheads and online. That’s the thing with Jil – no matter the topic or talent she’s interviewing, her words come together with such knowledge, grace and style. I’ve been lucky to have worked with Jil in the past and will continue to do so. Utter professional and an absolute joy.”


Josephine Huynh, editor of Domain Sydney Morning Herald and Prestige Australian Financial Review magazines

“Jil has been the ideal freelancer – she can meet tight deadlines, has plentiful contacts, is always professional and thinks outside the box to solve problems (ie. finding suitable content for an events magazine throughout COVID!)

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jil for any type of content work – she has experience with a wide range of topics and has produced pieces for us on real estate, agriculture, lifestyle, business, news, and more.”


Dayle Latham, Australian Community Media

“Jil is my absolute first port-of-call when I need content advice, strategic thinking, and logical planning discussions to do with our shared clients. Punctual, professional, and highly sought-after, I consider our ability to work with Jil on an ongoing basis as a privilege, and quite honestly a feather in our cap.

Witty and fair, Jil is a delight to work with. Our team and clients are consistently enamoured by Jil and we hope to continue our working relationship well into the future.”


Katey Johnstone, Managing Director, 180 Degree Marketing

“My PR wing-woman. Jil and I make a formidable PR team and the results prove it. Smart Company, Mumbrella, Social Media Examiner and Better Marketing have all published recent thought-leadership articles that we worked on together. With Jil’s impressive journalism background, she is able to help me navigate the media landscape like no one else, ensuring my articles meet editorial guidelines and helping me tailor the angles to ensure the story is picked up. I have worked with Jil for almost 12 months and as well as being a seriously talented writer, she is also a sensationally good human.”


Mia Fileman, Marketing Strategist and Founder, Campaign Del Mar


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